Geoffrey Knight: Award-winning and best-selling author

Editing and proofing can make or break a book and its author’s reputation. Every reader knows how crucial a good editor is to a book. Every reader who parts with their hard-earned money for a book deserves a quality product. Every reader knows there is no excuse for a poorly edited book. Every good author knows there is no point putting in all the hours and hard work and energy and emotion into writing a book if you don’t have a good editor to help you polish and perfect your work.

I have been working with Val Wolfe and Zachary Sexton from Scarlet Tie Editing for the past five years and, in my opinion, they are the best in the business. As an author, it’s not easy to hand your work over to someone else to edit, unless you trust that person implicitly. You have to trust their expertise and realize that their job is to make your novel the best it can be. After one edit with Val and Zathyn I knew that these were the people I could trust with my precious words. They understand me and my stories (which is no mean feat considering I write in several different sub-genres). They treat me and my work with great respect and have proven time and time again how diligent and proficient they are in their work. They offer advice that improves my books every time. They offer guidance that helps weave a stronger narrative. They are constantly teaching me tricks that make me a better writer, both technically and holistically. I can go to Scarlet Tie with any question and get an answer that improves my craft.

No one person writes a book alone. The process may begin with the author, but it should end with a great editor. If you’re looking for exceptional editing skills to perfect your work, you can’t go past Scarlet Tie Editing.

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Lizzie T. Leaf: Published Author

My efforts to find editors and cover artists who were able to critique without making me feel like giving up on writing happened when I discovered Val and Zac at Scarlet Tie. Their edits are explained in ways that makes me think, rather than wanting to quit. Plus, their suggestions and critiques are thoughtful and encouraging. In addition, when it comes to the book covers, Zac keeps asking questions and listening to my ideas, in addition making suggestions, until we come up with a cover that fits the story. I am so grateful to have found you and look forward to working on at least three books with you this year. One for Lizzie and two for her alter-ego.