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Scarlet Tie Books aims to be an all-inclusive book directory and we will list titles of varying genres. These genres include but are not limited to: Mainstream fiction, LBGTQ fiction, non-fiction, and graphic fiction. However, we do have submission guidelines and any book found to be in breach of these will be removed from the directory immediately.

As we are a fledgling book directory, please understand that it will take some time for us to build our list of authors. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and the more our authors promote their titles on Scarlet Tie Books the more traffic the directory will generate. More traffic will ultimately result in higher sales. Readers cannot purchase your book if they do not know where it is listed.

The goal behind Scarlet Tie Books is to offer self-published/Indie authors fair opportunities. Writing is a tough gig, and it’s even tougher to make a living from it. Therefore, Scarlet Tie Books does not want to impinge an author’s royalties too heavily. Val Hughes and Zathyn Priest have worked together to come up with, what we feel, is the fairest deal for all concerned.

Your book should be professionally edited, proofread, and have cover art prior to contacting Scarlet Tie Books.  If you do not already have an editor and cover artist you trust, Scarlet Tie Edits and Scarlet Tie Designs offer extremely competitive rates. As a thank you for using Scarlet Tie Editing and/or Scarlet Tie Designs, your book will be listed on our directory for free.


Option One: If you already have active purchase links, and do not require direct sales through Scarlet Tie Books, you need only pay a listing fee to upload your book. Your book and author pages will direct potential readers to an external buy link. For example: Amazon, Createspace, publisher, or your personal website.
Option Two: If you require direct sales through Scarlet Tie Books the same listing fees apply, however we also ask 15% on your sales to cover business overheads. Royalties will be paid monthly via Paypal on balances of $10.00 USD and over.




FREE LISTING: Applies to books that have been edited by Scarlet Tie Editing
FREE LISTING: Applies to books with cover art purchased from Scarlet Tie Designs

1 book – $5.00

2 to 5 books – 10% off the total sum
6 to 10 books – 20% off the total sum
11 to 20 books – 30% off the total sum
21 to 30 books – 40% off the total sum
31+ books – A maximum of 50% off the total sum





Gratuitous portrayals of rape (real or fantasy) for the purpose of titillation
Underage sexual interaction
Snuff fiction
Bestiality (This does not include shifters)
Extreme and gratuitous sex acts 
Necrophilia (This does not include the ‘undead’ like vampires)
BDSM that results in actual injury or harm
Books that are badly edited or unedited 

* All attempts will be made to notify the true author of any plagiarism. Royalties made from a plagiarised book, that have not yet been paid out, will be paid to the true author. No exceptions.

* If book/s are removed for breaching the guidelines, listing fees will not be refunded. No exceptions.

* If you need to clarify these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.





* High quality jpeg image of your book cover. 800 pixels by 1200 pixels or larger.  We will not publish poor quality, blurred, or pixelated cover art images.
* Book title. Series title (If Applicable)
* Genre listing tags. For example: Thriller, horror, romance, erotica, etc
* Book Blurb. Maximum 200 words
* Page count
* Format. For example: pdf, mobi, print, etc
* Publication date
* Publisher (If Applicable)
* Edition number
* IBSN (We do not supply ISBN’s)
* Links to reviews appropriate to the listed title.  Maximum of five.
* Links to author interviews. Maximum of two.
* Author Bio
* High quality author photograph (Optional) We will not publish poor quality, blurred, or pixelated photographs.
* High quality jpeg image of your website or social media banner. We will not publish poor quality, blurred, or pixelated images. This is optional but highly recommended.
* Social media links.  Maximum of four
* Website/Blog links. Maximum of four
* Contact email (Optional)

NOTE: Prior to submitting a book for listing, please use the above information as a checklist. Failure to provide the correct information will delay the process of listing your title. If you are unsure and require more information, contact Scarlet Tie Books and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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