Scarlet Tie Books aims to publish books across a wide range of genres to suit all tastes in reading. Books that exhibit quality writing, strong plotlines, and well developed characters are what we’re looking for. We will accept manuscript submissions from published authors and unpublished authors, but please take the time to familiar yourself with Scarlet Tie to be sure you and your manuscript are a good match. We are a new publishing venture with a focus on starting small and growing with our authors. We are currently only accepting expressions of interest. If you have an unpublished manuscript or out of contract book that you think fits the Scarlet Tie brand, we welcome your inquiry.

Scarlet Tie Books will publish books in the following genres: 

* Contemporary Fiction
* Crime/Thriller/Mystery
* Science Fiction/Fantasy
* Erotic Fiction (Emphasis must be less on sex and more on plot/characterisation)
* Chick Lit
* Young Adult Fiction
* Children’s Books
* Graphic Fiction
* Non-Fiction
* Biography/Memoir
* Romance
* Historical Fiction
* Short Stories/Anthologies
* Horror
* Paranormal

Please Note: We welcome LBGTQ characters and plots in all genres.

If we ask to see your manuscript it should be as clean as possible before submission. We understand a full professional edit is costly and stretches many budgets, however the manuscript should at least be proofread and checked thoroughly. If you are a new, unpublished author, then we highly recommend a professional edit prior to sending it to any publishing house. Scarlet Tie provides a full edit and proofread service, but please be aware that using Scarlet Tie Editing does not ensure an offer of publication.

What we’re looking for –
* Strong plotlines

* Strong characterization
* Well written, believable dialogue
* Strong scene and/or world building
* Great writing
* Depth in storytelling
* Authentic author voice

What we are not looking for –
* Gratuitous violence without plot

* Gratuitous portrayals of rape (real or fantasy) for the purpose of titillation
* Underage sexual interaction
* Snuff fiction
* Erotica without a strong plot
* Bestiality (This does not include shifters)
* Extreme and gratuitous sex acts
* BDSM that results in actual injury or harm
* Porn
* Poetry
* Comics
* Manuscripts that are badly edited or unedited
* Plagiarism (Plagiarised manuscripts may result in legal action)

Publication: If we decide to offer you publication with Scarlet Tie Books, and you accept, you will be sent a contract to read and sign. Your book will be assigned an in-house editor, and you will be expected to work professionally with your editor and return edits on time. Cover art will be supplied by Scarlet Tie Designs, however you may submit a freelance cover design for consideration.

Please Note: We are not a vanity press and will never ask you for payment to publish your book. However, please be aware that Scarlet Tie Books plans to remain a small press, with a small catalogue, while we find our feet. If your submission or inquiry does not result in an offer of publication, please don’t be disheartened. It may simply mean your story is not a good fit for Scarlet Tie Books but could be a perfect fit for another publisher.